Message from the Technology Director (HHH V2 I7)

There are not too many new updates this month, so I will keep this short and sweet. We have successfully setup FTFW as an official nonprofit charity on Facebook, so if you wanted to “do a fundraiser” for your birthday or some special event, you may now select FreeThought Fort Wayne as your preferred charity. We also now have a Donate button beside our Facebook cover photo. As stated last month, PayPal Here is officially setup and functional, giving folks like you more options (using cards instead of cash) when it comes to making in-person purchases of merchandise, memberships, and donations. Our treasurer, Karen, has also setup a new, female-friendly branch of FTFW in the form of BABS (described in detail below). FTFW continues adding services and features to better serve our members and the community, so it is very exciting!

Chris Rex, Technology Director of FTFW

This "Message from the Technology Director" was included in Volume 2, Issue 7 of the Hoosier Humanist Herald, which was published on 8/2/19 by FTFW. 

If you would like to view the entirety of that newsletter, you can view the online version here or the pdf here.