We Are Atheists (TV show)

We Are Atheists logo.jpg

FreeThought Fort Wayne, Inc. produces a semi-monthly local access TV show called We Are Atheists (WAA).

The show is broadcast live on Allen County Public Library's Access 2, as well as Comcast 57 and Frontier 27.  It is a live call-in show where we ask our viewers to call in (260-422-3902) to tell us what they believe and, more importantly, why they believe it.  We'll tackle any question you might have for an atheist!

We accept calls from both theists and atheists. If calling in is not for you, then you may also submit questions for the show via email (WeAreAtheistsTV@gmail.com), Facebook (preview shown below), or Discord.  The latter two options also serve as convenient avenues for fans to mingle, express their views, and engage in friendly debate.

Although we attempt to live-stream every episode, the quality does not match that of the high-quality version that will be posted to YouTube in the week following the recording, so please bear with us.

Can't come up with anything to discuss?  Here are some points that might help get you started:
1. Do you feel that atheism, humanism, nihilism, and theism all contribute to the "Prism of Ism's?"
2. Do you think that theism promotes a negative message to the world?
3. Do you perceive any flaws within the Humanist worldview?
4. Do you feel that humans would just be better off without religious dogma and superstition?