Message from the Technology Director (HHH V2 I5)

I know this represents the second newsletter in a week, so I apologize, but hopefully we will be able to get back to our usual schedule after this “catchup” period. There is not much more to say in this issue, other than that some dates/times/places of events have been updated, including the fact that the next “Meeting of the Minds” was mistakenly reported as next Wednesday (22nd), when it is actually today (15th). An additional change includes the fact that we are changing the "Meeting of the Minds" events to be every second Wednesday, instead of every third. We are also hosting a FTFW table for Pride Fest that you are welcome to stop by and help run after we finish walking in the parade. Please let us know what times you’d like to volunteer to help run the table or just stop by and say, “hi.” We, as progressive freethinkers, do make a concerted effort to support those in the LGBTQ+ community, as they are often shunned, shamed, and/or demonized by certain religious communities.

Also, due to the brief nature of this “message from a board member” segment and of the other article kindly submitted by Bob, I have scooped up the additional space allotted in this newsletter and devoted it to writing a special article to envelope two articles worth of space. This article represents approximately 50% of my Master’s research, with a second article (representing most of the remainder of my research) in the process of being written. “May” you have a great month!

Chris Rex, Technology Director of FTFW

This "Message from the Technology Director" was included in Volume 2, Issue 5 of the Hoosier Humanist Herald, which was published on 5/15/19 by FTFW. 

If you would like to view the entirety of that newsletter, you can view the online version here or the pdf here.