Message from the President (HHH V1 I5)

Our new board members are installed.  Congratulations to Chris Rex and Victoria Gipson on their re-election/election to our FTFW Board of Directors.  Our roles are as follows, Chris Rex is VP again, Chris Woods is Secretary, V is now Treasurer, Victoria Gipson will be our Communications Director and I have assumed the role of President.  In addition, Calyb T. is (and has been) the Trustee of the Hoosier Humanist Hour and Robert (Bob) Brandt will remain active in a Trustee role (yet to be determined).

All FTFW Board and Trustee positions are voluntary and open to any paid member who would like to take an active role in leading or supporting our group.  All dues-paying members are welcome to attend board meetings which are usually held on the third Monday of each month from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  Locations vary from month to month.

Volunteers are always welcome.  Want to be a part of the radio show or our upcoming TV show?  Would you like to write a short article (250-350 words) for the newsletter?  Help organize or work an event?  If so, please speak with a board member, as we would love to hear your ideas.

BIG NEWS!  Thanks to Calyb and his team, we will soon be hosting a TV show called, “We Are Atheists.”  The first televised show will be a debate on “Is There Good Evidence for Biblical Creation?”  Kent Hovind (Christian fundamentalist and evangelist) will present the creationist perspective, John Loftus (former minister, now atheist advocate and author of many books on atheism) will speak to the atheist side, and Chris Rex (Ivy Tech biology professor) will give perspective from the biological point of view.  Following this initial debate, the TV show will be a live call-in show shown semimonthly on cable TV networks.

We have a lot of exciting things happening in May so be sure to check our calendar or Facebook for more details.

Karen Mizner, President of FTFW

This "Message from the President" was included in Volume 1, Issue 5 of the Hoosier Humanist Herald, which was published on 5/6/18 by FTFW. 

If you would like to view the entirety of that newsletter, you can view the online version here or the pdf here.